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(FKM):  Commonly known as:  Viton® manufactured by Dupont Performance Elastomers or  Dyneon™ fluoroelastomer rubber manufactured by Dyneon, a 3M Company.

FKM-Industries, Inc., is dedicated to the manufacturer of FKM and FFKM rubber sheet and extrusions.

With state of the art computer controlled manufacturing equipment, from mixing to inspection,  FKM-Industries is able to supply products with exceptional product tolerances and consistency throughout every manufacturing step.

FKM-Industries has years of experience in a wide variety of industries like, Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Chemical Processing, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, and Semiconductor.

We work by solving your companies’ problems.  Your inquiry will be assigned to a technical sales specialist who handles your specific industry. While many of our employees have had cross market experience our goal is to provide you with industry expertise. We take a team approach to every project and product we offer. FKM-Industries, Inc. employs the talents of chemists, compounders, molders, industry consultants, and raw polymer suppliers. This ensures you are supplied with the highest quality products available in North America.

www.fkm-ind.com  is designed to provide you with information you need at your finger tips. We have provided the necessary information to help run your business 24 hours a day.  Whether, it looking into a fluid resistance, or printing a specification sheet for a last minute submittal at midnight. www.fkm-ind.com is your 24 hour partner.

FKM-Industries.com is a valuable member of our company, and we encourage you to use it 24 hrs a day for: spec sheets, MSDS, chemical resistance guides, and product selection.

We look forward to being a valuable resource and supplier for FKM and FFKM rubber based products. We welcome your inquires

Both Viton® and Kalrez® are trade names of Dupont Performance Elastomers.
Fluorel™ Dyneon™ is a trade name of 3M Dyneon™ a wholly-owned 3M Company.

Proud supplier of American made Polymer by American Companies
Dyneon, LLC a 3M company
Viton® by Dupont Performance Elastomers

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